Oil-water separator SEPURA

With SEPURA there`s no moving parts and no stagnant reservoir of condensate to breed unhealthy bacteria. There`s no need to guess the height of the oil overflow because there isn`t one, so there`s no blockages or flood either. It also means there`s no oil container to deal with, because all the oil is retained in the filters. It`s easy to select the right SEPURA separator; it`s quick and follproof to install; clean and simple to service, and we believe in most cases it`s also the most economical tool for the job.

Standard features

SILEXA™ ‘carbon-less’ filtration

Works first time - every time

100% performance on most synthetics

4000 hours filter life

Better than 5 ppm achieved at installation

Won`t overflow

Consistent performance

Simple installation and no pre-soaking

Low maintanence

Rapid servicing

Lightweight handling

British design and British built

10-year warranty - Terms & Conditions Apply

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