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Oxygen Cones

Oxygen cones are used to enter and mix an oxygen in the water for the fish. It is used both in closed circuits as well as in the flowing ponds.
Water inside the cone provided by circulation pumps is mixed with oxygen supplied from a separate vessel. Max. pressure that arises does not exceed 2 bar. Oxygen supply pressure must not be higher than 2 bar.
Receiving a stream of oxygen water is moving in a vertical direction towards the base of the cone where they are mixed together (self-saturation method), causing the optimum molecular oxygenation.
In a next step, the oxygenated water is moved through pipelines, optionally assisted with circulating pumps system to the breeding pools.
In a fish farming, oxygen cones are placed both next to the basin with the fish as well as in the interior of the basin in accordance with generally accepted principle that claims shorten the transmission time reduces the energy consumed, and thus, improves economic indicators breeding.