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Discover Oxywise’s Efficient and Reliable On-Site Nitrogen Production Solutions for Your Mission-Critical Industrial Processes. Oxywise has developed a line of PSA nitrogen generators that are built to be dependable, cost-effective, and flexible. This means your operations can rely on a consistent flow of nitrogen that meets your particular needs for flow rate, pressure, and purity. With Oxywise's nitrogen generators, you can enjoy the freedom of producing nitrogen right where you need it, ensuring that your business operates smoothly and efficiently. Say goodbye to the challenges of old nitrogen supply methods and welcome a streamlined, cost-saving solution that supports your company's success.

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Nitrogen generators provide a reliable and instant source of nitrogen, cutting out the complex and costly process of managing and storing traditional nitrogen gas supplies. Choosing on-site nitrogen production helps businesses cut down on the expenses linked to buying, delivering, and handling nitrogen in its usual forms. Plus, it offers a constant supply, which is essential for keeping ongoing production processes running smoothly and avoiding any interruptions. No matter if you work in food packaging, pharmaceuticals, electronics, or any other field where nitrogen is a must, our units are crafted to fit right into your processes and perform at the highest level.

What are Nitrogen Generators?

Nitrogen generators are sophisticated machines made to produce nitrogen gas right where it’s needed. This means businesses can skip the traditional ways of getting nitrogen, like using tanks or liquid nitrogen, which often come with high costs and management challenges. These systems are great at capturing nitrogen from the air around us, which contains approximately 78% nitrogen.

The key to these generators is a process known as Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA). PSA works by taking advantage of how gases behave under different pressures to separate them. To start, air is compressed, treated and then sent into one of the two absorber vessels that are filled with Carbon Molecular Sieves (CMS). The CMS is a special material designed to take in gases we don’t want, such as oxygen, and carbon dioxide, while letting nitrogen flow through. With increasing pressure, the CMS traps these other gases in the compressed air, which lets us collect pure nitrogen.

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Once the CMS is saturated, the vessel's pressure is decreased, which lets the captured gases escape back into the air, readying the CMS for the next cycle. At the same time, the system increases pressure in the second vessel, thus maintaining a continuous nitrogen output. This alternating between the two vessels makes sure that there is a steady availability of nitrogen.

Nitrogen Generators: Key Benefits

On-site nitrogen generators offer key benefits for industries in need of a constant, dependable nitrogen gas supply. These units are crafted to serve the varied demands of different uses, providing a range of advantages over traditional nitrogen delivery methods.

  • Cost-Effectiveness: Using on-site nitrogen generators can greatly cut down on the costs tied to the usual process of buying nitrogen. Companies can save on the recurring expenses of ordering, shipping, and handling large nitrogen tanks or liquid nitrogen.
  • Purity Levels: The technology used in today's nitrogen generators can produce nitrogen with purity levels that range from 95% to 99.9995%. This flexibility means companies can match the nitrogen purity precisely to their process needs, whether for standard manufacturing or more delicate uses.
  • Reliability: Nitrogen generators offer a steady supply of nitrogen gas, without interruption. This reduces reliance on outside suppliers and removes the concern of running low on nitrogen, which is essential for keeping production running smoothly and avoiding costly breaks in operation.
  • Scalability and Flexibility: Nitrogen generators are designed to be adaptable and scalable. They can be tailored to fit specific needs for flow rate, purity, and pressure. As a business expands or its requirements change, the nitrogen systems can be modified or scaled up to meet the new level of demand.

These systems bring a reliable solution to the table, ensuring that businesses have the nitrogen they need when they need it, without the complications of traditional supply methods. With on-site nitrogen generation, companies are well-equipped to maintain efficient and uninterrupted operations.

Choosing the Right Nitrogen Generation Solution

When looking for a nitrogen generator, it's crucial to consider several important factors that will affect how well the system meets your specific needs. These factors include the technical aspects of the generator and how it will operate in your setting.

  • Purity Requirements: It's vital to know the level of nitrogen purity your application needs. This knowledge will guide you to a nitrogen generator that can provide the right quality for your product. Some sectors, like electronics and pharmaceuticals, need very high levels of purity, sometimes above 99.999%.
  • Flow Rate: You must work out how much nitrogen your operations will use. This amount is usually given in cubic meter per hour (m3/h) or liters per minute (LPM). The generator you pick should be able to supply your average needs and also be able to cope with higher demands at times without disrupting your operations.
  • Pressure Needs: Depending on the use, you may need standard pressure or something higher. For example, laser cutting often requires more pressure. Decide if you need a generator that can create pressure between 5-9bar or if you'll need extra compressors or boosters to get to the pressure (middle or high) you want.
  • Operating Environment: The place where you set up your nitrogen generator can greatly affect its performance. Things like the surrounding temperature, moisture in the air, and how high above sea level you are can all influence how well the generator works and how long it will last.
  • Long-Term Costs: While the upfront cost is important, don't forget to think about the ongoing costs of running and maintaining the nitrogen generator. Look at how much energy it will use, how often it will need servicing, when parts might need replacing, and any times it might not be working.

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Oxywise Nitrogen Generators’ Main Applications

Nitrogen generators play a key role in many industries, providing a stable supply of nitrogen, an inert gas that's critical for various processes. Let's look at how different sectors use nitrogen generators to improve their operations:

  • Food and Beverage: In this industry, nitrogen is crucial for keeping food and drinks fresh. It's used to push oxygen out of packaging, which helps to keep perishable items from spoiling and extends their shelf life.
  • Pharmaceuticals: The pharmaceutical industry uses nitrogen to create a stable, non-reactive environment during the making and packaging of products. This helps to stop sensitive materials from reacting with oxygen, which keeps the products pure and effective for a longer time.

  • Electronics Manufacturing: In the production of electronics, like semiconductors and small components, nitrogen is vital. It helps to maintain a clean atmosphere that prevents the parts from reacting with the air and getting damaged, which is essential for keeping the quality and function of electronic devices intact.
  • Chemical Manufacturing: In the production of chemicals, using nitrogen to create a stable environment, known as nitrogen blanketing, is a common method to keep volatile organic compounds safe. This approach helps to avoid the risk of fire or explosions that might happen if these compounds were to come into contact with oxygen.
  • Metal Processing: Nitrogen is a key element in the treatment of metals, particularly during procedures like annealing and sintering. By using nitrogen to create an inert atmosphere, unwanted chemical reactions like oxidation are prevented. This is important because such reactions can weaken metals or change their features at high temperatures.
  • Laser Cutting: For laser cutting, nitrogen is used as a shield to protect the area being cut. This stops the metal from undergoing 'bluing' and oxidation, which are common issues when cutting materials like steel. The result is a smoother cut, improved edge quality, and less need for additional finishing steps.

In closing, the use of nitrogen generators is a major step forward in enhancing how businesses operate. These powerful units give companies the ability to create their own supply of nitrogen right on their premises, made to fit their unique needs. By taking this route, businesses can cut costs significantly, lessen their impact on the environment, and have a steady stream of nitrogen that isn't affected by the uncertainties of traditional supply methods.

These generators are highly adaptable, able to be adjusted to give the exact purity, flow rate, and pressure that different tasks require. This is vital for a range of uses, from keeping food and drinks fresh to aiding complex production in the pharmaceutical and electronics sectors. Investing in nitrogen generators goes beyond just improving day-to-day operations; it also means building a safer, more dependable, and scalable working environment.

Oxywise is committed to providing high-quality nitrogen generating solutions that give your business more control and assurance. Choosing Oxywise means more than just getting a product; it's about forming a partnership that focuses on your company's success, powered by the many benefits of producing nitrogen on-site. Move forward in making your business operations better with our reliable, efficient, and adaptable nitrogen generators, and enjoy the confidence that comes with a secure nitrogen supply.