LaserGas generator

LaserGas system

The LaserGas product line is introduced as a result of our experience in the laser cutting industry. The complete solution is optimized in terms of economy and performance.

Nitrogen generated by Oxywise Lasergas system meets and exceeds cutting gas quality requirements of the major manufacturers of laser cutting machines like Trumpf or Bystronic.

  • O2 ≤100 ppm
  • H2O ≤5 ppm
  • CnHm ≤1 ppm
  • particles ≤0.3 μm, ≤100 ppm)

Standard features: 

  • Control system with SIEMENS colour touch operated panel
  • Built in purity analyser for continues monitoring
  • Automatic start/stop 
  • Molecular sieve protection from moisture
  • Purity control (purge gas with purity below acceptable level to exhaust)

Case stories


LaserGas generator built in a container running in Portugal

Oxywise’s containerised state of the art lasergas generator met the customer’s needs by producing over 7000 m3 nitrogen per unit per month, reducing cost, producing clean nitrogen, increasing metal cutting speed, boosting productivity and reducing carbon footprint.