FS mini

The filling station MINI is the most compact, convenient and reliable source of oxygen or nitrogen with filling capabilities. The gas is produced from compressed air by pressure swing adsorbtion technology.


  • Transportable, skid mounted Turnkey
  • Plug&play solution
  • Compact
  • Automatic system, filling stops when charging is complete
  • Integrated O2 analyzer with alarm function
  • Pigtail connection according to customer's request

The Process

Pre-treated compressed air enters the active column of the generator and follows up through the molecular sieve. The undesirable gases are being adsorbed while the product gas passes through. When the pressure is released the molecular sieve completely regenerates.

Technical Specification

Filling Capacity:0.41 Nm3/h
Purity – O2 MINI:95% (medical grade)
Purity – N2 MINI:99% to 99.999%
Filling pressure:150 bar
Ambient temperature range:5°C – 45°C
Power consumption:1400 W

Locate the plant indoors, in well ventilated area.


The filling station MINI is used for filling cylinders of any size or connection with Oxygen or Nitrogen.