Trout Hatchery in rural parts of South Africa

Dunkeld Country & Equestrian Estate is a luxury fly-fishing and equestrian estate located in South Africa. Trout were introduced into this area in the 1900s because the cool waters and climate provided ideal conditions.

There is an exciting new development on the go: A world-class, state-of-the-art trout breeding facility. It’s an environmentally friendly and sustainable operation that, through the recirculation of water, provides trout with an optimal habitat – without any detrimental effects to the ecosystem and environment.

Trout hatching

Oxywise is proud to announce themselfs as a supplier of the Oxygen Generator for this project. Our oxygen generator O35 with its capacity of 16 m3/h serves within this premises to provide the oxygen of purity 94% and thus create perfect conditions for the fish hatchering.

Oxywise Oxygen Generator O35

It is worth mentioning that the whole project is in a rural area at the altitude of 2100 meters above sea level. Not rarely the diverge of voltage is present and therefore they use UPS back-up and automatic start-stop system.

Tanks for hatching