Technical training in ETC

Our technician Stanislav Matys has attended 5 day training course in US company ETC, who is manufacturer of most advanced hyperbaric chambers. Stanislav has beed certified in finalizing installations, performing maintenance services, and train operators to control ETC BARAMED® chambers.

Hyperbaric chambers BARAMED® have as the only one in field fully automatic operation and control. Another advantage of hyperbaric chambers BARAMED® is SMOOTH-RIDETM. Using this technology the treatment reaches better results than using linear pressurization, without prolonging the treatment time.

BARAMED® hyperbaric chambers are operated through touch screen with an option to attach external mouse and/or keyboard through USB. Chamber has built-in speakers, which are used for communication between patient and operator, and for patient entertainment. TV/DVD entertainment is optional.

Training course in ETC factory has confirmed, that PSA technology is a wise option as oxygen source for hyperbaric chambers.