Oxywise portable oxygen generating and filling station part of Slovak army field hospital

A large portion of our production is manufacturing the containerized solutions. The latest piece was provided to Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic. 

Portable containerized oxygen generating & cylinder filling station from Oxywise on Vimeo.

The design takes into account the harsh environment where the unit will be operating. The oxygen is generated from ambient air. 

inside oxygen container

The unit is plug & play. Personnel only needs to connect it to electric power supply and the starting sequence can be initiated with a push of one button on the touch screen. The operation is very easy and intuitive. In few minutes the unit is capable of filling cylinders with medical grade oxygen.

oxygen container for Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic

The unit is insulated and equipped with ventilation and air-conditioning system. All components are installed on anti-vibration mounts. There is a visual and acoustic signalization in case of any alarm. 

filling ramp for various sizes of cylinders

The filling ramp mounted behind the roll-up shutter can securely accommodate any size of common cylinders and fill them with oxygen up to 150bar.

Link to Oxywise in NATO codification system.