Oxywise generator on board of a ship, Norway

Oxywise together with CMaqua technologies, our close partner for aquaculture industry, has been faced by challinging request for oxygen generating system to be installed on board of a wellboat.

Wellboat is a housing and transport facility for the fish. The purpose is to provide healthy and fresh fish to the market.

The requirements were:

  • very limited footprint
  • steady and high flow of oxygen
  • high purity demand
  • reliability

Gerda, wellboat with oxywise oxygen generator

GERDA SÆLE, the proud keeper of 2 oxygen generators, each with capacity 57kg/h. 

Oxywise on board of the ship

Time for start up.

Get ready for long and stable operation! New molecular sieve protection system was implemented and the classic two reasons for molecular sieve replacement - water contamination and crashing to dust has been eliminated. No more expenses for molecular sieve replacement.

Oxywise on board of the ship

GERDA SÆLE cruising on the rough sea.