Oxygen production for ozone generator in Brembo, Poland

Oxywise has recently finalized oxygen generator installation in a polish town Dąbrowa Górnicza. There is the second biggest production centre of Brembo, the world leader in design and production of high performance brake systems for all kind of cars, motorcycles and commercial vehicles, situated here.

Oxygen from installed generator is used for production of ozone, which is an excellent purifier of water, industrial products and air. Company Brembo also follows the latest trends in environmental engineering of water and air purification and therefore has decided to use ozone.

The installed unit completely fits customer's defined requirements with capacity 2,5Nm3/h at 93% oxygen purity. The air requirement of the generator is 0.49 Nm3/min, which corresponds to 1.3 kW consumption per cubic meter of oxygen.