Oxywise Nitrogen generator for NATO base in Papa, Hungary

Oxywise has installed a low energy consumption nitrogen generator plant in papa base Hungary, one of Europe's largest military airbase, located near papa, Hungary.

The building of the airport started in 1934 and played a role in the second world war for both the Hungarians and the Germans.

Pápa Air Base was selected in 2007 as the Main Operating Base (MOB) to host the SAC C-17 aircraft. This fighter base, which hosted the Hungarian Defence Forces 47th Tactical Fighter Wing until August 2000, had been chosen as a NATO contingency air base. 

From 1 July 2001, as part of national commitments in the NATO Security Investment Program, it serves as a backup airfield for both Hungarian and NATO aircraft and hosts Hungarian Air Force.

The Nitrogen generator is designed for military applications, inflating aircraft tyres and other uses.

The new plant has been built to produce 22.8m3/h of Nitrogen at a purity of 97% with the possibility to boost produced nitrogen to high pressure and has lower energy consumption

oxygen generator on Grip Pacific

Installation of this facility has enabled Papa base to meet their nitrogen needs, rather than depending on third party delivery which is very expensive and not always reliable.

Having an onsite Nitrogen generator has enabled papa base to expand their services to meet the need of their partners and the base.