Nordic Halibut is equipped with our Oxygen Generator, Norway

Nordic Halibut was established in 1995 and has gradually grown to become one of the world`s leading players in the farming of Atlanic halibut. The company sells its renowned brand Nordic halibut to the domestic market as well as quality-conscious markets abroad.

Company controls every phase of production, from breeding to adult fish. This is organised through its subsidiaries. 

One of the subsidiaries needed oxygen for their fish management and so they decided to purchase Oxywise Oxygen Generator with capacity approximately 10 kg/h. Necessary flow could be reached by our generator O12.

Generating system

Customer has special power supply requirements. The system has to run on 230V, 50Hz, 1 phase. Our experienced personel had chosen the equipment according to customers needs.  

This project has been done in cooperation with company CM Aqua, Denmark.