Nitrogen generator works with ERSA ECOSELECT soldering machine, Poland

Now when the use of lead in soldering is forbidden due to environmental reasons, nitrogen gas is inevitable in lead free soldering. The new tin-based paste operates at higher temperatures which complicates the soldering process and causes coating defects, dross buildup, oxidation and other esthetic flaws. Inerting with Nitrogen reduces oxidation, improves joint integrity and discoloration in the solder, reduce lead-free dross and eliminates product defects.

The polish solar system controller manufacturer, SILVA Microelectronics has invested into our nitrogen generator. The commissioning has been performed on 9 April, 2010 with great success.

Our Nitrogen generator, model N9 equipped with online oxygen analyzer, is delivering nitrogen at max oxygen content 50ppm (Nitrogen purity 99,995% with respect to oxygen).

Nitrogen generator provides Nitrogen for this ERSA ECOSELECT 350 soldering machine.

Pawel Rokicki, Silva Microelectronics co-owner, smiles and says: “We have been using nitrogen from gas bottles and nitrogen generator enables us to cut down the spending on gas considerably. The payback time for this investment is less than one year.” and follows up “It is convenient to get Nitrogen just from compressed air especially when you use the air compressor anyway.”