Nitrogen generator built in air-conditioned container

Operation conditions:-10°C to 52°C
Generator performance:20,5 Nm3/h at 95% N2 purity
N2 outlet pressure:5 barG

Considering the ambient operating temperature required by the customer is -10°C to +52°C, nitrogen generator has been installed in 8 feet air-conditioned container; the walls and celing are insulated with 10cm thick glass-wool.

Since the unit will be operating in area with higher dustiness (Syria-desert) and standard air-conditioner would have limited service life, a high durability air-conditioning system used in military operation and meeting NATO standards has been selected.

Special support frame was welded into the container as a reinforcement for the air conditioning system. The air-conditioner is hanging on rails in the trap door system inside the container and will be pushed outside when in use. During transport, or when not in use the unit can be pushed back into the container and the trap door locked. In this way the air-conditioner is not overhanging and the container itself can be transported in standard 20 or 40 feet shipping container.

There is compressed air available on the end-user's site, therefore it was not necessary to install the air compressor nor the dryer in the container. The compressed air enters the air tank through orifice in the container wall. Nitrogen, adsorbed from compressed air by the generator, is stored in nitrogen buffer tank and leaves the container again through the orifice in the wall.

The nitrogen purity is continuously monitored by the analyzer. In case the purity goes below the set limit, the unit will send an alarm signal to the control center. The analyzer and the distribution system has been adopted to analyze secondary or backup source of nitrogen as well.

The container can be lifted by crane or forklift.