Delivering of eight medical oxygen containers to Asia

This project was a real test of our capabilities, the requirement of the customer was to supply 8 containers within two months.

Each container unit is equpped with oxygen generating line with capacity 11.3 Nm3/h at 95% purity, cylinder filling station with manifold for 4 cylinders able to fill 25.6 cylinders of 40L per day and has air-condition.

The oxygen containers are directly connected to hospital oxygen network. Hospital demand below 11.3m3/h is delivered directly from the oxygen generator, higher flows are covered from the cylinder back up. Oxygen compressors are able to run and fill cylinders only when hospital consumption is below 8m3/h, above this value filling is automatically stopped to give the hospital a priority.

The unit has its own oxygen back up consisting of 10 cylinders pemanently connected to the backup ramp that can be used during maintenance or in case of power failure.