LaserGas generator built in a container running in Portugal

Metalogalva, a household name in metal structure design and manufacturing, founded in 1971 having more than 500 employees throughout the world. As a complement to its product offerings, the company provides a range of services to their customers, plate cutting, bending, welding and hot dip galvanizing.

With such a high volume production, Metalogalva needed a system which is efficient to run in terms of cost, productivity and one that is also environmentally friendly.

oxygen generator on Grip Pacific

Oxywise’s containerised state of the art lasergas generator met the customer’s needs by producing over 7000 m3 nitrogen for th first month, reducing cost, producing clean nitrogen, increasing metal cutting speed, boosting productivity and reducing carbon footprint.

The generators installed by Oxywise operate 24/7 filling 2 cylinder bundles, generating a buffer to cope with peak demands.

oxygen generator on Grip Pacific

The control panel from Siemens suitable for outdoor operation.

Outdoor panel nitrogen generator

Metalogalva is a true market leader in its segment and all of us at Oxywise are proud to have partnered with such a remarkable company.