Inert gas generation for zinc melting furnace

Oxywise has been faced with an inquiry to deliver inert gas generator including dosing system for zinc melting furnace in Slovzink a.s. This Slovak company has over 100 years tradition in high quality zinc oxide production.

Why is inert gas important for zinc casting? Nitrogen prevents oxidation of zinc reacting into zinc oxide on surface of the melt what results in higher utilization and better quality.

The inert gas generator produce nitrogen used for inerting the environment in the furnace. The nominal capacity of the unit is 30Nm3/h at 99.5% purity.

The nitrogen from the low pressure buffer tank is boosted and stored at 25 bar pressure in two 4000L tanks. Nitrogen in these 2 tanks makes neccessary supply required particulary in the initial phase of the production cycle for flushing.

The zinc melting furnace can reach temperature of 800°C.

The dosing system controls the atmosphere in the furnace. It consist of the control panel, oxygen analyzer, dosing pipe and exhaust valve. The interference with the operator is secured by 10" coloured touch operated panel. The system monitors the pressure and oxygen content in the furnace. Based on these input parameters it controls the gas flow by 5 pneumatic valves placed on the dosing pipe and the exhaust valve.

The freshly cast ingots have a bright, silvery appearance, in solid form they are grayish white colour.