Halibut Fish farming on floating platform, Norway

Fish Farming has become very popular nowadays. In a village Rubbestadneset, Norway there is an unique project for Halibut Fish Farming. The fish are bred in large floating pens of wire mesh in the fjords, which is a natural enviromnent for the fish.

Raceway halibut

They used to source oxygen from cylinders to provide the extra oxygen for the fish, but as they expand their farming they need more oxygen. Now they can rely on our Oxygen Generator O50, it brings reliability and cost efficiency to their operation. Cylinders are still used for back up.

Oxygen generator aquaculture

The head officer of the company which raises Halibut Fish says that they are planning to enlarge further their farming and would be only happy to cooperate with Oxywise again. Our engineer Ondrej was more than supportive while doing the startup, commissioning and training of the staff.

Ondrej the engineer