Concept solutions

1. Standard standalone system - All the components are placed separately. Has the advantage of easy maintenance.

2. Skid mounted system - System is built up on the steel plate including piping, hoses, supports brackets,electrical connections and drain connections. It is available for small and medium size units. Gives the advantage of easy transportation.

3. Frame mounted system - This system is built in the frame. It enables the end-user to be flexible and transport the gas supply where he needs. The frame can be lifted by the crane, fork lift and can be also put on the truck. Available for medium size units.

4. System build up in the container - The gas supply system is put up in standard ISO container. The ISO container has all the advantages of frame mounted system plus it is also gives the option to maintain ideal operating conditions. Other words, the container has also the function of the rain shelter, sunshade and if supplied with air conditioning and insulation it helps to keep the right temperature in the container and keeps the noise locked inside the container.

NOTE: Options 2 to 4 have central electric plug.