Bystronic laser cutting with assist gas produced by nitrogen generator

The key to being competitive in the laser cutting industry is productivity - getting more finished parts off of the machine per day and at a lower production costs. An investment into on site nitrogen generation is certainly a contribution to lowering the production cost.

A modern and dynamically growing technological company from the metal sheet processing industry has decided to leave the traditional and costly deliveries of liquid nitrogen in favour of the on-site nitrogen production.

The generator air supply is provided by 45kW BSD81 Kaeser screw compressor. The set of filters and the refrigeration dryer treat the air to meet the quality requirements. Nitrogen is produced at the flow rate of 60Nm3/h by the PSA generator and stored at 5barG in the low pressure product tank. The gas compressor boosts the nitrogen to required 30 bars at medium pressure tank.

The PSA generator on the left generates nitrogen with purity 99,999% (10PPM) in respect to oxygen with operating cost as low as 0.8kW/m3. On the right is the detail of the Bauer nitrogen gas booster.

Nitrogen is generated for 2 laser cutting machines; Bystronic Byspeed 3015 and Bystronic Bystar.