An example of an indoor installation of oxygen filling station model O1FS

1. Air compressor with a build-in dryer and air tank

Hotter the air, the more capacity to hold water it has. Moisture deactivates the molecular sieve in the generator, therefore it has to be removed by refrigeration dryer and the drain system. The dryer is sized according to the maximum ambient temperature to make sure the pressure dew point is within the limit, +3°C or below.

Typical engine's oil temperature during compressor operation is from 75°C to 100°C. 94% of electrical power consumed is recoverable as heat. The exhaust cooling air, that leads out the temperature from compressor, can be used for heating in winter time, while in summer the hot air can be vent out to the atmosphere. The hot air can be used directly distributed by ventilation system or water can be heated via heat exchanger.

Air tank and dryer are connected to common drain system, which removes water and oil from pressurized air. They need to be taken care of very strictly to prevent damage to whole system.

2. Air filtration – prefilter and particle filter

The inlet air quality makes impact on the lifetime and performance of the unit. The air quality is defined by ISO8573-1. Part of the air filtration is the automatic drain system. Filter elements (removable part, which is doing the job) should be changed every 6 months to maintain good air quality.

3. Oxygen generator, model O1

Oxygen exists in the atmosphere around us; it makes up approximately 21% air we breathe. Our oxygen generators use unique Pressure Swing Adsorption to separate it from compressed air.

The adsorbed oxygen has 95% concentration and the rest comes out from the exhaust as exhaust gas. The exhaust gas contains only 8-12 % oxygen and it must be leaded out by exhaust duct to the outdoors. The low oxygen concentration is potential threat for human being, therefore the room must always be well ventilated.

4. Oxygen buffer tank

Oxygen from oxygen generator is stored in Oxygen buffer tank.

5. Oxygen filtration - Last filtration of the product gas.

Oxygen is filtered via bacterial sterile filter and dust filter.

6. Oxygen high pressure compressor

Oxygen compressor discharges the oxygen at 150bar (200bar) boosting it from 4bar at the inlet.

7. Filling ramp

Filling ramp is a manifold for safe cylinder filling.