Laser cutting

In laser cutting the laser beam melts the material and high-pressure nitrogen forces the metal quickly to harden. As nitrogen has a shielding effect, the cutting area is protected against 'bluing' and oxidation.

Using high-pressure nitrogen for laser cutting of steel and metal has many benefits over alternatives such as oxygen:

Nitrogen protects the metal from corrosion

  • no oxidation of the steel occurs.
  • No additional heat is generated.
  • A high quality (clean-cut) edge is achieved.
  • The clean cut makes it easy to weld and paint or powder-coat the metal.
  • Paint will not fall off the edges.


Case stories


LaserGas generator built in a container running in Portugal

Oxywise’s containerised state of the art lasergas generator met the customer’s needs by producing over 7000 m3 nitrogen per unit per month, reducing cost, producing clean nitrogen, increasing metal cutting speed, boosting productivity and reducing carbon footprint.

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