Food packaging

Food stability and freshness is dependent from oxygen concentration in the packaging, since oxygen can cause fermentation and chemical breakdown.

Nitrogen is an efficient, cost-effective way to displace oxygen and moisture; it prevents spoilage, preserves freshness, maintains flavor, dramatically extends shelf life, and delivers a significantly improved product to the customer.

Packaging with nitrogen is also known as Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP). PSA Nitrogen Generator suits perfectly, with its purity and flow demands, to requests raised by the food packaging industry.

List of a foods where MAP is used

  • Dry Foods and Bakery (chips, coffee, nuts, spices, milk powder, cocoa)
  • Wine
  • Bottled water
  • Oil and fat

Nitrogen is used for vegetable and fruits storage in storage containers. If oxygen is removed, all aerobic organism will die. By controlling the amount of oxygen in the storage container, ripening can be controlled to a point where fruits and vegetables will mature and ripen at a perfectly controlled pace.

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