Medical oxygen is a matter of life and death for many patients

Therefore a reliable source of medical oxygen in the hospital is essential.

ISO 10083:2006 specifies the requirements for the design and installation of an oxygen generator supply system, for use with a medical gas piping distribution system that complies with ISO 7396-1.

ISO 10083 applies to oxygen generator supply systems that produce oxygen-enriched air, with an oxygen concentration not less than 90%. European pharmacopoeia along with other worldwide pharmacopoeia also recognize Oxygen (93 per cent) for medicinal use.


Oxygen is usually distributed by a hospital pipeline system. Where there is no pipeline system, an oxygen generator can be supplemented with a high pressure oxygen compressor and filling ramp to allow the hospitals to fill their own oxygen cylinders.

Optionally any hospital can also use this filling system for their own back up or to fill small bottles for their ambulances etc.


Hyperbaric chambers

An Oxygen generator is an excellent source of oxygen for hyperbaric chambers, providing a reliable, continuous and low cost supply of oxygen to the chamber.