Ozone (O3) is a three atomic molecule and is much less stable than diatomic oxygen (O2)

It is highly reactive and it has a high level of energy. Ozone cannot be stored. Therefore many ozone generating systems use costly supplies of cylinder oxygen.

If you have an existing ozone generator or you are ozone generator manufacturer it is a perfect idea to replace oxygen cylinders or dewars with oxygen generator which will bring you freedom, independency and steady flow of oxygen.

Ozone is produced either from air or oxygen. However it is much closer from O2 to O3 then from air so as the energy efficiency is better. On the top of that, higher ozone concentration can be reached only with oxygen.

Ozone is used in many different applications

  • Pool and spa treatment
  • Irrigation water treatment
  • Odour elimination from air
  • Food storage
  • Drinking water treatment
  • Industrial oxidation processes
  • Bleaching processes