Small but very efficient unit for medical use, Somalia

Somalia, Mogadishu Sep, 2022

Finally, another Medical oxygen plant model MOFS4, has left our factory to provide life-saving service for Bancroft Global Development, which provides a package of mentoring services to the African Union Mission to Somalia. We are proud to help covering the demand for medical oxygen in the region of East Africa.


Thanks to Bancroft Global Development’s cooperation and effort, the new oxygen plant was delivered and installed in Mogadishu, Somalia. Our plant is going to help delivering of medical services across the country where most needed. This containerised unit only needs a level surface and a power supply to start production. It is designed to fill over 20 cylinders of various sizes in 1 day. The entire oxygen system is built into a 9ft ISO shipping container. Therefore, if there is a need, moving the plant to a new location would be simple. In this case, the ISO containerised unit with oxygen generator was put into a bigger container to have also an administrative and storage space for an operator.


Oxywise containerised systems are designed for extreme environments and will cope with ambient temperatures of -20°C to +50°C. For this project, we have used a new ISO shipping container, which had to be recertified to ISO standard after the completion. Final completion includes lighting, insulation, ventilation, ducting and provide a neat space saving solution that can be installed anywhere with no regard to the ambient conditions. For a very hot environment we use air conditioned solution, so no need to worry.

Oxywise containers come as a turnkey, plug and produce option and require only an electricity supply to the singular electrical inlet and a very simple first run set up process, which is fully documented in the user’s manual. For more details click on the link bellow:

Have a look here for more information on our containerised systems