Five projects airlifted and delivered to the Pacific region

Just before Christmas, five projects were prepared and airlifted for delivery to five Pacific islands.

Challenging as it was, Oxywise, were able to manufacture oxygen generating units and prepare all the goods, not just containerized units, but also the spare parts and cylinders, for these five projects for dispatch by the end of the year.


As the projects were for urgent medical use, the client required the shipment of these oxygen generating units to be delivered to their final locations as soon as possible. With mutual understanding and cooperation between our warehouse and the freight forwarder, the goods were loaded just before Oxywise`s annual break, and subsequently transported to nearby airports.

Airlift from Bratislava and Vienna
Part of the shipment was due at Bratislava Airport. The aircraft departing in the early morning on December 27th, 2022. The rest of the shipment was loaded to another aircraft later that same day, at Vienna Airport with departure for the same destination.


Despite some adverse weather, all goods landed safely in Nadi, Fiji. The first plane arrived in Nadi on the 3rd of January, 2023. The second plane arrived later, on January 8th, 2023. All goods, the medical oxygen generating plants, containerized and skid mounted, arrived safely to Fiji. Along the oxygen generating systems the transfer contained also spare parts for the systems and medical oxygen cylinders.

A local coordinator helped to sort all the goods by their final destinations after which, transport was provided by local sources to their installation locations.

Big, THANK YOU, to everyone involved in this process, Oxywise team, our local partner FFS, the international health organization, the coordinator, the forwarder and last but not least, the aircrew.

With your support Oxywise has been able to equip hospitals on 5 islands in the Pacific region with lifesaving, Oxywise medical oxygen generating systems and filling stations.