Slovak fish farmers explore oxygen generators for oxygen water enrichment

A successful fish farmer needs to keep the right concentration of oxygen in water. Fish density, appetite and resistance to diseases is in direct relation to dissolved oxygen level. There is a negative effect on fish production if the oxygen concentration is low. If the concentration is below 6mg/l, fish is under stress due to low oxygen level; sickness and mortality increases.

Slovak fishing association RADA has decided to invest into oxygen generating system and place it in their facility in Slovianska dolina, near village Valča.

The unit with nominal capacity 40 liters per minute has been successfully commissioned 8. july 2010. Oxygen is being adsorbed from ambient air and it is dissolved in water by oxygen cone.

The facility is specialized in farming a rainbow and brown trout. Water area of two fish ponds and eight concrete nurseries is about 400m2.

Cylinder filling ramp is used as a backup supply in case of power failure, performing periodical maintenance, etc.

The oxygen generating system is equipped with visual and acoustic alarm in case of failure. The alarm start automatically when oxygen purity or pressure in oxygen buffer tank decreases below set points, there is a power failure or other abnormal condition.

Mr. Kováčik, the headman in charge of facility in Slovianska dolina said: „It is inevitable to control oxygen concentration in water for successful trout farming. Oxygen contributes to better fish growth and healthy and high quality meat."

Ing. Krajč, RADA's responsible for implementing of this project has been choosing from various suppliers, but decided for Oxywise due to complexity and functionality of our system.