Liquid-to-gas filling station

Liquid-to-gas cylinder filling station can fill cylinders with gas from cryogenic liquid source. The liquefied air gases permissible for filling are liquid oxygen (LOX), liquid nitrogen (LIN) and liquid argon (LAR).

The filling capacity starts from 1 liter per minute (6 cylinders/h) up to 25 LPM (150 cyl./hour).

General description

The liquefied gas from cryogenic storage tank is pressurized by cryogenic pump and flows through the vaporizer where it turns back from liquid to gaseous phase. The gas is further distributed to cylinder filling ramp. The gas control panel is installed between the vaporizer and filling ramp and monitors the pressure and temperature of the gas. The signals from the pump and pressure transmitter and temperature probe of the gas control panel are processed by electric cabinet which is controlling the running of the pump.


Medium to larger applications; in areas where liquid gases are available for reasonable prices.